Tessa (tesser83) wrote in iowastate,

Trying to find a roommate...

Hey everyone! My name is Tessa, I've posted stuff very briefly on here before, but this time I was wondering if anyone could help me out. 

I'm going to be a grad student in the fall at ISU, and I'm going to be living on-campus in the University Village apartments (SUV). Months ago I changed my housing arrangement a little so that I would be placed in an apartment that is pet friendly (I will be accompanied by my guinea pig, Cadbury). I asked Janis M. (don't recall her name....the head of the Dept. of Residence, I believe) to assign me a roommate since I don't know of anyone else personally going to ISU. The poor lady must have forgotten, because I contacted her again to see how that was going and she seemed not to realize that I needed a roommate, and she said she would get on that. 

So, I guess this is a type of "roommate wanted" ad, to see if I could find anyone. If anyone out there is reading this and knows of anybody else who hasn't made living arrangements yet for the coming school year, let me know!! The apartment that I have been assigned to is the University Village, 2 bedroom, 2 level apartment. Whoever would live with me would only pay $266 for rent a month (altogether I believe it is $532) not including electric and gas, and I'm just doing a 9 month lease. I will have a guinea pig with me, but she will stay in my room, out of sight. Aside from that info, it will be ready to move into on August 14, and I'm pretty easy to get along with and live with!! 

Let me know if anybody is interested, or if anyone has any assitance to provide at all, that would be much appreciated!
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