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16th June 2009

atnpromo11:23am: Iowanites Needed Badly! :)
Hi Guys!

I could totally use some help with getting some events staffed with fun, outgoing, promotional teams! You don't need to be a model, just responsible, FUN, and love people!

Across the Nation Talent and Staffing are looking for some experienced and professional talent to add to our database nationwide. We have both model and costume character work occurring nationwide with popular and recognizable clientele and costume characters, that you know and love!

We would love to add you to our database!

More info HERECollapse )

4th March 2009

mtvtruelife3:08pm: MTV's True Life - Casting
Hi Guys

My name is Jennifer and I am a casting associate at MTV.  Right now we are casting for an upcoming episode of True Life.  For this episode, we are looking for people who are at odds with their parents for one reason or another.  Whether it is because of your major, relationships, or your lifestyle, MTV is interested in hearing your story.  I would also appreciate if you could pass it along to anyone else you may know.

You can email your situations to Parents@mtvnmix.com with their name, age, location, phone number, and recent photo.

Thanks, and feel free to message me with any questions

You can also view the full casting flyer at MTV.com at the True Life section

23rd November 2008

tesser839:19pm: Any students out there need to sublease a one-bedroom place?

Hey all,

I don't know if this violates any rules of the iowastate group, but I was hoping some one out there might be able to help out an alum, especially ISU students. I was wondering if any of you out there wanted (or knew of someone else) to sublease a one bedroom apartment? I got a new job in DSM and I want out of my lease ASAP.  It's also available immediately. The lease runs to the standard July 31, 2009 date.

The apartment is on the north side of Ames near Cub Foods and Walmart. It's 624 sq ft, (pretty big!) $505/month, includes all utilities except electric, which is about $20/month (and heat is free). It's also pet friendly (but the landlord doesn't allow dogs), has a garbage disposal, dishwasher, balcony (it's a third floor apt.), central air, laundry in building, extra storage space, and even a bike room in the apartment to store your bike in. The building is also controlled access and has a buzzer/intercom system. There's a parking lot with an assigned spot for the apartment also. If interested, just leave a comment or email me (temurphy83@yahoo.com) or call 641-414-0021. Thanks to whoever can help!
Current Mood: anxious

17th June 2008


The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition is pleased to announce the release of its 2008 GENIUS Survey in partnership with Ernst & Young. GenderPAC works to ensure that classrooms, communities and workplaces are safe for everyone to learn, grow and succeed.

The Gender Equality National Index for Universities & Schools (GENIUS), GenderPAC’s most recent effort to end discrimination and promote awareness, encourages colleges and universities to recognize the benefits of a GenderSAFEtm campus - supportive equitable and protective for all students. Choosing to participate in GENUIS sends a strong public statement that bullying or discriminating based on the race, sex or gender of a student, faculty, or staff member is not tolerated at your institution

Fill out the survey at: www.gpac.org/GENIUS2008survey, and make sure that we have data for as many schools as possible. Your voice will help us continue to work towards a safe and welcoming environment for every student.

*While we greatly appreciate the interest taken in GENIUS by students, staff, and faculty at academic institutions outside of the United States, at this time GENIUS is only able to track schools based in the U.S.

7th April 2008

isle_o_bubba12:27pm: Cakes By Michaelyn: The Secret is Out
I am posting this to the ISU community because Cakes By Michaelyn has done many cakes for the students and the alumni.

The Daily Iowan did an article in today's paper. www.dailyiowan.com titled "Miller Really Takes the Cake" by Brian Stewart. For anyone interested in the full details (written for someone who has never made a cake before) of the Rainbow Cake recipe, please send me an email at bubbasohiowa@gmail.com. If you put "rainbow cake" in the subject line I will happily email you the recipe.

I am Michaelyn's daughter. I am also collecting any feedback or memories anyone wishes to share for a book I'm putting together for my mother. If you would like to contribute please email me.

We are working with other papers and school newsletters to get this recipe released. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Also, please spread the word.

Thank you

1st January 2008

insomnia8:15pm: New poll suggests Hillary could get 3rd place in Iowa.

Could Hillary Clinton get 3rd place in Iowa? The final pre-caucus poll by the Des Moines Register suggests as much...  

Obama was the choice of 32 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers, up from 28 percent in the Register's last poll in late November, while Clinton, a New York senator, held steady at 25 percent and Edwards was virtually unchanged at 24 percent.

The telephone survey of 800 likely Democratic caucusgoers was taken Dec. 27-30. Interestingly enough, support for Edwards rose significantly -- by 3% -- for those sampled in Dec. 27-28 versus those polled Dec. 29-30, while Clinton's numbers have declined by 4% in that time period.

If this is an actual trend, as opposed to a statistical variance, then Hillary Clinton might find herself with a very disappointing 3rd place finish in Iowa... something likely to significantly impact her results going into the other primaries.

Interestingly enough, when respondents were asked which candidate best matched their core principles, 28% said Barack Obama, 25% said John Edwards, and 21% said Hillary Clinton.

Clinton campaign chief strategist Mark Penn -- the guy who made a point of referring to Obama's teenage cocaine use, even after Hillary's campaign promised to stop bringing it up -- tried to spin this bad news in a pretty negative way.

"The Des Moines Register poll adopts an unprecedented new turnout model for the caucuses, and its new poll is out of sync with the other polling done in the race. . . So we do not see this poll as accurately reflecting the trends we are seeing in other polls, on our nightly canvasses or in our own polls, and voters should understand this is a very close race, and that their participation on caucus night could make all of the difference."

Indeed. Mark Penn is annoyed that The Register is predicting that Iowans feel that this is a very important election, and that they are more motivated to caucus this time around. He's annoyed that the Register aren't ignoring the opinions of a higher percentage of Iowans, by writing them off as not being  "likely voters".

He is counting on independent-minded Iowans -- young voters, first-time voters, disillusioned voters, voters tired of an unending, unaccountable conflict in Iraq, tired of sacrificing their rights and freedoms, tired of politics as usual -- *NOT* to vote, because he believes that as long as enough people *DON"T* show up to causus, Hillary Clinton could win.

He's right. This is a close race, and your participation on caucus night could make all the difference.

Go vote! 

29th November 2007

world_order5:04pm: Physics
I'll be attending Iowa State in two years (I'm going to transfer from Kirkwood) as a physics major. I haven't been able to find much information about educational requirements, so I was wondering if anyone here could help.

Firstly, I was wondering how many years of college are required for a student intending to go into the fields or either nuclear physics or theoretical physics? I know I'll need a doctoral or postdoctoral degree for most jobs in the field; does Iowa State offer either of these, and if not, where is the best institution to acquire them? Is there any other important information I will need to know going into this?

Thanks in advance for any help

13th October 2007

starcrossed9:30am: Non degree seeking student
Hi guys :)

I will hopefully be coming to Iowa State for a semester to meet some vet med prerequisites before applying to vet school and I have a few questions.

1. Where in the Ames area would I be able to get vet med experience? (Veterinarians, animal shelters etc.) I won't have a car and I will be relying on public transport.

2. I'll be flying into Chicago- do I have any other options for getting to campus except via greyhound? (I hate flying so a second flight would kill me) and if so, how do I get from the greyhound station to campus?

Many thanks xxxx
Current Mood: curious

10th September 2007

lil_m_moses8:42am: NASA Seeks Undergraduates To Defy Gravity For Science, Engineering
Undergraduate students interested in testing an experiment aboard NASA’s reduced gravity aircraft, the “Weightless Wonder,” need to submit their proposals by Oct. 31.

The opportunity is part of NASA’s Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Project, which gives aspiring explorers a chance to propose, design and fabricate a reduced-gravity experiment. Selected teams will test and evaluate their experiment aboard the modified McDonnell Douglas DC-9 jet liner.

Interested students should submit a letter of intent by Sept. 19. This step is optional but serves as an introductory notice that a team plans to submit a proposal for the upcoming competition. On Dec. 6, NASA will announce the teams selected to fly in the spring and summer of 2008. All applicants must be full-time students, at least 18 and citizens of the United States.

For more information about the project and how to submit a proposal, visit: http://microgravityuniversity.jsc.nasa.gov

31st August 2007

bramasole_iowa6:06pm: ISU Students are only same-sex couple legally married in Iowa
Gay marriage ruling put on hold

August 31, 2007

The Polk County Recorder's office stopped accepting marriage license applications from same-sex couples around 11:30 a.m. today.

The move came shortly after Polk County Judge Robert Hanson agreed to suspend his Thursday ruling that overturned Iowa’s ban on same-sex marriages pending an appeal by the Polk County Attorney’s Office to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Polk County Recorder Julie Haggerty responded immediately by refusing to accept any more same-sex marriage license applications. County officials said 21 marriage licenses were issued before 11:30, most apparently to same-sex couples.

Haggerty said the same-sex couples likely will receive some sort of letter explaining why their license, which would have become valid next week under a mandatory three-business-day waiting period, now will not be accepted.

One couple, Tim McQuillan and Sean Fritz, both Iowa State University students, managed to complete the entire process — waiver, license and wedding — before Hanson again closed the door on same-sex nuptials in Iowa.

It’s not clear whether their marriage will remain legally valid.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen there,” Haggerty said. “As far as I’m concerned, they have a valid marriage certificate from the state of Iowa.”

30th August 2007

mechers6:45pm: Need asistance with A Stitch on Time
This comm seems dead but I'm a bit desperate--

I dropped some pants off at A Stitch on Time to be hemmed. When I went to try to pick them up (twice this week) during advertised business hours, the shop was closed. Does anyone have the home name or number for the proprietor? I'm pissed at the poor service, but more importantly I need my damn pants. I am leaving for a conference in the morning and have been trying to track down this woman all day. Thanks.

2nd June 2007

chaosinaskirt3:36am: Yay!
Cy is officially the "Most Dominant College Mascot on Earth" (a CBS Sportsline month-long championship, for those who hadn't heard about it)... which is amazing considering how lousy our athletic program is as a whole :P

3rd April 2007

bens24:39pm: Hey I just want to ask a question.  Does Iowa offer ROTC.

2nd April 2007

likethe3099:18pm: Assistance sought in locating missing student

Iowa State University Police have issued a missing persons alert and are seeking assistance in locating a student who has not been seen since the early morning hours of Saturday, March 31, 2007.

Abel M. Bolanos, age 19, was last seen at approximately 4:00 to 4:30 a.m. on March 31. He was seen leaving an apartment at 208 South Hyland and walking south on Hyland. Friends and family have not been able to locate Bolanos since that time.

Bolanos may have been in the Wallace Wilson complex area at approximately 4:30 a.m., but it does not appear that he was able to gain access to his room.
Search team

Director of Public Safety Jerry Stewart (center right) and ISU police captain Rob Bowers (center left) work with the STAR 1 Search & Rescue team to coordinate the search for sophomore Abel Bolanos. Teams are searching fields, waterways and remote areas in and around the area south of the Towers residence complex.

Iowa State University Police, the Ames Police Department, and STAR 1 Search & Rescue, have conducted extensive searches of the area between South Hyland and the Wallace Wilson complex, as well as adjoining areas.

Bolanos is a white male, 5'7" tall, 165 pounds, with brown hair that is kept short and straight, brown eyes, and a fair complexion. He has the words "Ancora Imparo" as a tattoo on his upper right arm. Bolanos was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and brown shoes.

ISU Police are asking for assistance from anyone who has had contact with, or information about, Bolanos since Friday evening. To report information, please contact:
Iowa State University Police
Phone: 515-294-4428
EMERGENCY: 911 (from any campus phone)

1st March 2007

bkassel11:31am: Classes Cancelled
No classes after 1 PM today according to the ISU website (This includes 12:40 PM classes)


Enjoy the day off.

19th February 2007

coin__operated12:53pm: this community is a bit dead...

so, to bring it back (hopefully...) i have a question for you all!

i'm turning 21 saturday and i'd like you all to recommend to me:

1. your favorite bar here in ames
2. why it's your favorite
3. what's your favorite drink to get at said bar

okay, that's it! :)

12th January 2007

beezer_bolt3:33pm: How do you guys feel about this???
ISU Tightens Smoking Rules On Campus

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Officials at Iowa State University are getting ready to enforce stricter rules about where people can light up on campus.

A new policy was approved by ISU's president last week.

It will prohibit smoking inside a 25-foot radius around buildings on campus.

It also prohibits smoking within 25 feet of outdoor eating areas, bus shelters and ticket booths.

The ban goes into effect Saturday.

Current Mood: curious

10th November 2006

aco_helpdesk10:25am: Care to share your computing on campus stories?
Heya Iowa State,

My name is Kaitlyn, and I'm working on a co-op placement at the University of Waterloo, mostly in the Arts Faculty Helpdesk, but also for the Information Systems and Technology department. IST is trying to keep up with students' computing needs here, and we'd like to know what you like and dislike about your school's approach.

Do you find your teachers' expectations exceed what the school can support when it comes to computing? Does your school have a required laptop program but doesn't support it? Or, do you love how well you can stay wired on your campus?

If you'd like to share your thoughts, please do so by filling out a 5-10 minute survey here:

The results will only be identifiable by IP address, and it will not be used in the analysis. I will only link your school to your answers.

If you have any questions, you can email me at aco.helpdesk {at} gmail.com.

Thanks, and I hope you're having a great fall semester.

~ Kaitlyn

21st September 2006

coin__operated6:23pm: anyone starting isu in the spring term? i'm transferring from a community college in southeast iowa and i really don't know anyone in ames. i'm going to be majoring in textiles. anyone else here in that major?

20th September 2006

geniusyou10:07pm: Research participation wanted!
Linda Jones, a clinical psychology graduate student at UMBC, is conducting an online research study on how young adults with peanut allergy and/or tree nut allergy perceive the way their parent(s) raised them. Her research also aims to determine how these characteristics relate to other aspects of daily life. All participants must be between the ages of 18 and 22, but do not need to have peanut or tree nut allergy. Participants will be entered in a drawing to win their choice of either an Ipod or Nintendo DS-Lite. If you would like to participate the link to the survey is below. It may take up to an hour to complete.

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies’ Impact on Perceived Parental Characteristics



14th September 2006

synthysys9:33pm: Help with Online Promotions for the Angels and Airwaves Concert and Earn Cool Stuff!!!
Are there any Angels and Airwaves fans out there?

The band is playing the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines in November, and I am looking for a few fans who can volunteer 2 hours of their time anytime this coming week to help promote the band’s online fan club and advance ticket presale.

Fans will earn INCREDIBLE free stuff for helping out.

If you are interested and want more information, please email Scott at scott.santos@musictoday.com

Please feel free to pass this message along to all those who may be interested.

13th September 2006

beezer_bolt4:16pm: THE game....
Any predictions?

6th August 2006

superpenguin798:09am: what is on your ipod right now?

21st June 2006

tesser8311:42am: Trying to find a roommate...
Hey everyone! My name is Tessa, I've posted stuff very briefly on here before, but this time I was wondering if anyone could help me out. 

I'm going to be a grad student in the fall at ISU, and I'm going to be living on-campus in the University Village apartments (SUV). Months ago I changed my housing arrangement a little so that I would be placed in an apartment that is pet friendly (I will be accompanied by my guinea pig, Cadbury). I asked Janis M. (don't recall her name....the head of the Dept. of Residence, I believe) to assign me a roommate since I don't know of anyone else personally going to ISU. The poor lady must have forgotten, because I contacted her again to see how that was going and she seemed not to realize that I needed a roommate, and she said she would get on that. 

So, I guess this is a type of "roommate wanted" ad, to see if I could find anyone. If anyone out there is reading this and knows of anybody else who hasn't made living arrangements yet for the coming school year, let me know!! The apartment that I have been assigned to is the University Village, 2 bedroom, 2 level apartment. Whoever would live with me would only pay $266 for rent a month (altogether I believe it is $532) not including electric and gas, and I'm just doing a 9 month lease. I will have a guinea pig with me, but she will stay in my room, out of sight. Aside from that info, it will be ready to move into on August 14, and I'm pretty easy to get along with and live with!! 

Let me know if anybody is interested, or if anyone has any assitance to provide at all, that would be much appreciated!
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