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A Community for fans, prospective students, students, grad students, professors, employees, dropouts, and alumni of Iowa State University. A place for people to exchange ideas, get help, find a laugh, chat about the latest game/meet, or seek refuge while hungover/stressed out.

Let's Go Cyclones!

Big 6 FYI

  • Membership is open to anyone who has a livejournal.com account. Members can join the group by going to the join community page.
  • Only members may post to the community, but anyone on the Internet can read it.
  • Anything even remotely related to Iowa State will be allowed.
  • A free exchange of ideas and opinions is encouraged.
  • Posts shall only be removed if they are in violation of the Community's rules or Livejournal's terms of service.

This community, as well as livejournal, is not affiliated with Iowa State University in any way, nor is this site endorsed by ISU or the government of the state of Iowa.